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1 billion people! Evaluation and detection of the effect of Mairui targeting Xinguan vaccine after vaccination

Categories:Industry Information      Release time:2021-01-22

At the beginning of the year, the market value directly exceeded 540 billion!

In COVID-19, MINDRAY, which relies on respirator and other life information and supporting products in the field, has finally launched the test reagent.

However, Mairui's favorite direction is the antibody chemiluminescence detection kit for the evaluation of the effect of Xinguan vaccine.

Recently, China biology Shanghai Jienuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Zhongsheng Jienuo") and Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Mindray medical") reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop a chemiluminescence detection kit for neutralizing antibody of immune effect of new crown vaccine, so as to provide a reliable detection means for effect evaluation after vaccination.

With the popularization of new crown vaccination, whether it is effective after vaccination has attracted much attention.

According to the official website of China biology, the new crown inactivated vaccine of Beijing Institute of biological products of China biology was approved for listing with conditions on the evening of December 30, 2020. The annual production capacity in 2021 is expected to reach 1 billion doses.

In order to solve the problem of vaccine effect evaluation, although Zhongsheng Jienuo has its own technical basis for vaccine immune effect evaluation, it still reached in-depth cooperation with Mindray medical. The two sides jointly developed a chemiluminescence neutralizing antibody detection kit to provide strong support for vaccine immune effect evaluation.

It is reported that based on the antibody level after immunization with the new crown vaccine, the two sides cooperate in four detection paths, namely:

(1) Determination of neutralizing antibody after immunization with new crown vaccine (2) determination of total antibody after immunization with new crown vaccine (3) determination of Sigg antibody after immunization with new crown vaccine (4) determination of RBD IgG antibody after immunization with new crown vaccine

At present, the new crown vaccine Immune Effect Evaluation Kit jointly developed by Zhongsheng Jienuo and Mindray has passed the validation test of a large number of samples at different stages of vaccination. At the same time, Zhongsheng Jienuo also developed a new crown vaccine neutralizing antibody detection kit based on enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and virus neutralization test method.

China biology Shanghai Jienuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Sinopharm Shanghai Jienuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., subordinate to China Biotechnology Co., Ltd. of China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, is a diagnostic reagent business enterprise of China biology, specializing in the sales of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents at home and abroad. Our products cover molecular diagnosis, microbiology, immunology and other fields. Our partners include multinational corporations from North America, Europe, Japan and other countries and domestic manufacturers with high reputation in professional fields.

In January 26, 2020, China biological Shanghai biotech won the first batch of New Coronavirus nucleic acid test kit and medical device registration certificate issued by the State Administration of drug control.

Xiao Bian said:

It seems that every shot of Mindray is always unexpected and reasonable.

From the layout of tertiary laboratories, including the "demonstration laboratory" based on tertiary hospitals, the "standardized laboratory" of tertiary hospitals and the "standardized laboratory" of grass-roots medical institutions, to the layout of minimally invasive surgery and veterinary instruments and equipment, Mindray always seems to see new growth in the market.

As Mindray said, the company is gradually transforming from a single supplier of medical device products to a service provider to improve the overall diagnosis and treatment capacity of medical institutions. Now Mindray is gradually entering the deep-water area of the industry, including ultrasonic technology, IVD raw material technology and so on. In addition, they are constantly exploring new business development models. These breakthroughs will greatly expand Mindray's accessible market and core competence, and lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.

It can be seen that Mindray is not satisfied with keeping the leading position of domestic equipment, but is rapidly realizing the transition from 100 billion to trillion market value and striving to become a strong enterprise in the world. But even so, Mindray still said that he was still in the ranks of pursuers.

Praise such enterprises in our IVD industry and hope that more "Mindray" will appear in our industry.

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