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China will become a global medical device manufacturing center, and the process of "import substitution" of domestic devices will be accelerated

Categories:Industry Information      Release time:2017-09-04

On September 1, the reporter learned at the 2017 China Medical Device Industry Development Forum, the pre forum of the 2017 (34th) national pharmaceutical industry information annual conference, that the state will continue to increase investment and support for the medical device industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period.

Hua Yutao, director of the medical device Department of China Biotechnology Development Center of the Ministry of science and technology, said at the forum that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the Ministry of science and technology allocated about 2 billion yuan to support the R & D and innovation of medical devices.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the special planning funds for scientific and technological innovation of medical devices will increase. It is believed that with the attention and support of the state, the medical device industry will make great progress.

01. New market changes

In recent years, a series of new changes have taken place in the field of medical devices in the world and China under the guidance of new technologies. Hua Yutao introduced that this is mainly reflected in three aspects.

First, innovation breakthrough and accelerated evolution. In the past two years, the trends of intelligence, automation and personalization have been outstanding in the field of medical devices. Equipment products use the health Internet of things technology to collect terminal information, so as to realize the integration and analysis of big health data and improve the level of public health.

Second, the cross-border development trend of capital is obvious, and financial integration promotes industrial development. In the recent 3-5 years, financial capital has paid great attention to the field of medical devices, and the accumulation of a large amount of funds has injected new vitality into the development of medical device industry. Third, medical device innovation service accelerates the reform“ In the future, the application of artificial intelligence will certainly make considerable achievements in the field of medical device services. " Hua Yutao said that around a series of new changes, the state has put forward the development direction of localization, high-end, branding and internationalization of medical devices in the 13th five year plan.

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, thanks to the support of industrial policies, a variety of medical device products have been developed, and industries such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance have begun to take shape. However, there is still a certain gap between China's medical device products and developed countries in terms of use performance, stability, scientific and technological content and operation experience, and there is no brand with real international competitiveness.

Hua Yutao said that relevant departments of the Ministry of science and technology pay special attention to the research progress and achievement transformation of cutting-edge and disruptive technologies of medical devices, such as in vitro diagnosis, advanced medical treatment, medical imaging, biomedical materials, rehabilitation nursing, etc; Focus on supporting the research of disruptive technologies with application prospects, such as surgical robots.

In the field of medical imaging, the Ministry of science and technology encourages further research and development of 5t magnetic resonance products and gradually evolve to high-end products. At the same time, the domestic new CT is also gradually moving towards high-end to meet the examination needs of complex cases.

02. New growth of investment

The national policy and financial support for the medical device industry are increasing“ For example, digital diagnosis and treatment during the 13th Five Year Plan period

The overall estimate of equipment is 2.2 billion yuan; The biomedical material plan is nearly 800 million yuan, while the response to aging is 1.5 billion yuan, adding up to about 4 billion yuan, which has doubled the investment during the 12th Five Year Plan. " Hua Yutao said.

Although the national policy and capital investment can play a leading role, the most essential thing of medical device R & D is to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises, stimulate their innovation enthusiasm, improve their innovation ability and gradually improve the competitiveness of the whole industry.

At present, the current situation of large, small and scattered medical device industry in China has not been reversed. Medical device enterprises still lack in processing, manufacturing and standardized production capacity. The scale of the enterprise is small, and there is great room for improvement in the stability, consistency and reliability of products in clinical use.

Xu Chao, vice president of China Medical Equipment Association and vice president of Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd., frankly said: "scientific and technological innovation is the first driving force. Only by mastering the core technology can domestic medical device products win the initiative in the international market competition."

03. New focus of cohesion

At present, China's medical device products are still dominated by medium and low-end products, but the innovation and R & D ability has been enhanced.

According to the data provided by Lu Minli, Consulting Director and chief consultant of China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center, from 2007 to 2015, the number of class II and class III medical device production and operation enterprises increased to 9517, an increase of more than 2000; The number of enterprises with experience in three types of medical devices increased from 2123 to 2614.

Lu Minli said: "strategic plans such as made in China 2025 clearly support the localization of medical devices, taking into account both clinical needs and innovation needs. In the future, medium and high-end domestic equipment is bound to become an investment hotspot. "

Lu Minli believes that the future development of medical device industry will show five trends: first, China will become a global medical device manufacturing center; Second, the market scale will maintain a rapid growth of more than 20%; Third, the process of "import substitution" of domestic instruments was accelerated and the industry concentration was improved; Fourth, the industry is gradually becoming standardized; Fifth, big data platforms and intelligent devices will promote the rapid development of the device service industry and create new growth points.

According to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the fastest growing sub industries of the pharmaceutical industry in 2016 were medical instrument and equipment manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine decoction piece processing, health materials and pharmaceutical products manufacturing. It can be seen that the medical device industry has strong growth force and large development space.

Lu Minli said that enterprises should deeply study the policies and hot spots in the field of medical devices and seize opportunities.

Hot spot 1: incremental use of domestic equipment in primary medical treatment. Based on the promotion of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, the allocation of medical resources is sinking to the grass-roots level, and the advantages of domestic medical device enterprises are prominent. Localization and import substitution of medical devices are the general trend, and domestic medium and high-end equipment will become investment hotspots, such as high-end CT equipment, color Doppler ultrasound and medical rehabilitation equipment.

Hot spot 2: the State supports third-party services for medical devices. In the future, patients' requirements for medical examination and doctor-patient trust will be improved. Independent imaging centers, third-party inspection and other social service institutions came into being, and the current national policies also support them repeatedly.

Hot spot 3: increased demand for innovative medical devices. According to the report of the State Health Planning Commission in 2015, the number of PCI operations in China has increased steadily since 2009. In 2015, the total number of coronary intervention cases in Chinese mainland reached 567 thousand and 600 cases, and the average stent implantation for each coronary heart disease patient was about 1.5.

At present, the domestic market is mainly drug-eluting stents (DES). The fourth generation of degradable stents is completely composed of degradable materials (such as polylactic acid), so it is expected that it will gradually replace drug-eluting stents.

Hot spot 4: POCT (real-time detection) accelerates its development. At present, POCT products have been widely used in hospitals, ICUs, emergency departments, clinics and patients' homes, and can detect most conventional clinical indicators.

In 2012, the global POCT market was about US $10 billion and maintained a compound growth rate of 8%. China has a large population.There are great differences in medical resources. The market is still in the early stage of development, which is generally at the level of European and American countries in the 1990s. The penetration rate of hospitals and other terminals is very low, and POCT has great potential.

Hot spot 5: increased application of orthopedic implants. With the arrival of China's aging society, the growth rate of orthopaedic implant industry will remain about 20% in the future. Relevant data show that the global orthopaedic implant market reached US $47.261 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach US $74.796 billion by 2023, indicating that China has great development space and investment opportunities in this field.

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