What are the routine blood test items? Are the consumables large?

Blood cell count (WBC) Red blood cell count (RBC) Hemoglobin concentration (HGB) Lymphocyte count (LY) Monocyte count (MONO) Neutrophil count (NEUT) Hematocrit (HCT) Platelet count (PLT) Hemocytometer reagents The average unit price of consumables is only about 1 yuan.

What kind of organization is it suitable for?

This instrument is specially developed and produced for primary medical institutions. It is suitable for the auxiliary work and cleaning function of the automatic blood cell analyzer used in the inspection of emergency departments, community medical care, private clinics, private medical institutions, maternal and child health care hospitals, and major hospitals.

What is the significance of the use of consumable reagents for the automatic blood cell analyzer?

With the aid of these consumables and reagents, the automatic blood cell analyzer can detect various indicators of the human blood routine to determine whether it is normal, and many other medical examinations.

Will it affect the test result? Is it consistent with the hospital doctor's test?

You can rest assured that the original factory production and factory must pass strict quality inspection, quality assurance, and test results are the same.

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