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Female Elegant Demeanour, Full Youth Power

Categories:Company News      Release time:2022-03-08

In March, the peach blossoms are in full bloom. On the occasion of the 112th "March 8th International Working Women’s Day", for better showing female style and establish a female image with a healthy and energetic spirit, the company's party branch hereby organizes this event, making the company's female employees become a beautiful scenery line in the company's activities and creating a strong festive atmosphere.

Secretary Zhao of the company's party branch delivered a speech at the event, extending congratulations and best wishes to the company's female employees in this very day. Expressing the feeling of gratitude to all the female workers for their hard work, meanwhile wishing the "Tough girl" will keep going for the development of the company in 2022, and live up to their youth.

Colorful balloons, soothing music, delicate pastries, and exciting counting games brought happy smiles to everyone's faces. Through this activity, the company's leaders conveyed their condolences and concerns to female employees, adjusted everyone's mood, eased the tense working atmosphere, and allowed everyone to spend a happy "March 8" in a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

Every woman has multiple identities, daughter, wife, mother... No matter what kind of identity, no matter what kind of posture, it is the most beautiful color in the world! Let's take a look at the demeanor of the goddesses!


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