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Blood Donation Keep the World Beating

Categories:Company News      Release time:2021-08-11

Donate Blood, inherit the Red Spirit! In order to promote the traditional virtues of being helpful and selfless, on August 11, the party branch of Zhejiang Xinke Medical Technology Co., Ltd. organized a voluntary blood donation activity. Everyone enthusiastically signed up and responded positively to the activity, expressing Zhejiang’s love with practical actions. Pass the positive energy of society!

 Under the guidance of medical staff, the volunteers proceeded in an orderly manner during various steps such as filing in the form, health collection, physical examination, and blood testing.

 Volunteers who passed the inspection enthusiastically stretched out their arms and showed their love. This drop of blood gathered not only sacks of blood, but also a bright red "river of life". Blood donation is a trivial matter, but it reveals great love! They gave themselves a “thumb-up”, and we also want to give them a “thumb-up” , You're really great!

 Holding the bright red blood certificate in their hands, everyone said that blood donation can help those who need blood transfusion, and pass on their love. It is very happy and proud to think that their own blood can even save others' lives!

 Blood donation is a noble act of selfless dedication, salvation of the dead and wounded, and promotion of humanitarianism. It is the duty and obligation of every citizen. I hope that through this event, more caring people can join the team of blood donation. The company will continue to actively participate, fulfill its social responsibility of blood donation, and make a modest contribution to the blood center or station in our city. Use our love and blood to warm this society.

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