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Xinke Held the First Fun Sports Meeting

Categories:Company News      Release time:2021-11-01

In order to enrich the employees' leisure time, strengthen cooperation and enhance the emotional exchanges between departments, on the afternoon of October 30, Zhejiang Xinke held the First Fun Sports Meeting with nearly 70 cadres and employees participating. Accompanied by the Athletes' March, this different Fun Sports will gradually kick off.

Under the leadership of Secretary Zhao of the party branch, everyone was organized to their individual teams in an orderly manner and named their respective teams with powerful names. They were the Flying Tigers Team, the Luminous Team, the Sunshine Team, the Chinese Team, the Xinhuo Team and the Monkey King team. During the preparation of each team, everyone was full of morale and prepared to compete in the coming games!

The competition consists of six events, including dragons drawing water, one lap to the end, relay competition, tug-of-war competition, back-to-stand and ten people five-legged competition. This Fun Games is not only a competition of wisdom and physical strength, but also a test of the coordination and cooperation capabilities of each team. Every athlete participating in the competition tried their best. The atmosphere at the event was warm and everyone was gearing up for it, and it was bound to win! The sound of cheering, cheers, and applause resounded throughout the sports field. Everyone is immersed in the joy of this fun games.


Along with everyone's laughter, our championship team came into being, which also signified the successful ending of the First Fun Sports Meeting. This sports meeting fully demonstrated the positive and hard-working spirit of Xinke employees, and further enhanced everyone's sense of belonging, identity and honor. Everyone said that they would continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and struggle for the Games, and actively devote themselves to various tasks with more full enthusiasm!


Technology First, Quality First, we are all positive Xinke people!

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