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Exercise Sacred Rights and Vote Solemnly

Categories:Company News      Release time:2021-12-23

On December 22, 2021, the election of the second district of the 14th People’s Congress of the county in Jinpan Development Zone, Jinhua City, was held in the lobby of Zhejiang Xinke Medical Technology Co., Ltd. All Voters from the company earnestly fulfill the democratic rights granted by the law and cast their solemn and sacred vote.

Under the leadership of the company’s party branch, the company established an election working group, which carried out preliminary preparations such as voter registration, list publicity, candidates publicity, democracy and legal education, which provided sufficient guarantee for the orderly development of the candidate day.

At 8:30 in the morning, all voters gathered in the company lobby to participate in the election meeting. In order to meet the demand of epidemic prevention and control, everyone consciously wears masks, keeps a distance of one meter in line, and cooperates with staff to register, measure temperature, and check “double codes”.

Since the general election of representatives to the People’s Congress of Jinpan Development Zone started, with the great attention of the company’s party branch, the company’s party branch has strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, rigorously and meticulously done publicity, voter registration, and popularization of democracy and the legal system. With a high sense of responsibility and mission, the voting for this election was completed in a safe and orderly manner. Through this election, the majority of employees in our company exercised the right to vote for citizens in accordance with the law, improved the concept of legal system and democracy, experienced the sense of honor and mission of the people as masters of the country.



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