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Do a good job in the maintenance of blood cell analyzer. You need to pay attention to these!

Categories:Industry Information      Release time:2021-05-19

Is the blood cell analyzer always blocked? Incorrect blood cell analyzer test results? Blood cell analyzer failure? I believe many laboratory doctors have encountered these situations when operating the blood cell analyzer, but at the same time, they are also very confused. Why do they encounter such a situation when they have done daily equipment maintenance. This is because many inspection physicians do not pay attention to the following details during equipment maintenance:

1.Cleaning of the bottom of the swab

Fault prone: PLT index error

Cause analysis: the bottom of the swab is often in contact with the test tube, and blood clots will form over time. If these clots fall into the leukocyte counting pool, the effect is not great. However, once it falls into the red blood cell counting pool, because there is no dissolving agent, the PLT index will jump. That is, the platelets in the sample were only about 20, and suddenly jumped to hundreds and thousands.

2.Maintenance of probe cleaning solution

Prone to failure: probe liquid blocking hole

Cause analysis: our matched probe cleaning solution contains enzymes, which is very important for protein cleaning. However, many teachers will use 84 instead. Here is a reminder not to use 84. On the one hand, the strength is not enough, and on the other hand, there are impurities. It will not only fail to maintain the probe fluid, but will cause further hole plugging!

3.Correction of sampling needle position

Prone to failure: error in counting result

Cause analysis: during daily use, the position of the sampling needle will inevitably shift, but the relative position of the sampling needle and the swab is an important factor affecting the counting results. Therefore, it is recommended that teachers use the sampling needle height setter to correct the position of the sampling needle at least once a month.

4.Application of motor lubricating oil

Prone to failure: slow operation / burnout

Cause analysis: if the machine runs for a long time and does not give some oil to eat, the aging speed is naturally accelerated! In addition, some teachers will ask whether edible oil and sewing oil can be used. Here we should remind you that it is best to use special oil for motor. On the one hand, it is durable and heat-resistant, high efficiency and good effect. On the other hand, these mismatched oils generate heat by friction during motor operation, and it is easy to burn. This is not worth the loss!

5.Cleaning before shutdown

Prone to failure: sample probe hole plugging / crystallization in counting cell, etc.

Cause analysis: every time we finish the test, there will be more or less samples and reagent residues on the instrument. If they are not disposed of in time, on the one hand, the hole will be blocked after a long time, and on the other hand, the next test will cause technical errors and affect the final test results. So, after the last sample is tested, don't shut down the machine immediately!


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