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Energy Conservation and Pollution Emissions Reduction, the Project of Xinke photovoltaic power generation is completed!

Categories:Company News      Release time:2022-01-05

At the beginning of the new year, everything looks fresh and gay. The photovoltaic power station of Zhejiang Xinke Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was officially completed within one month, and the steady flow of electricity was merged into the national grid, which once again reflected the rigorous work style and efficient work ability of Xinke people.

The adoption of photovoltaic power generation applications is a major measure taken by Xinke to respond to the national call for “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, and it is also a choice to promote the sustainable low-carbon development of the whole society. Since then, the company's production will no longer be affected by power restrictions. It is the long-term layout of the company's stable development of production and operation. Xinke will move forward to a broader future.

Compared with traditional power generation, solar power generation does not produce substances harmful to the environment, and is a green, clean, and pollution-free energy source. Meantime, the power loss caused by long-distance transmission lines is avoided. Photovoltaic power not only alleviates peak power curtailment and reduces the cost of electricity for enterprises, but also enables surplus electricity to be connected to the grid, becoming an important boost for energy conservation and pollution emissions reduction of enterprises, and has achieved significant economic and social benefits.


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