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JP Morgan: look at the layout of 2021, the top six international machinery enterprises

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J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is the largest healthcare investment conference with the widest information coverage in the industry, gathering industry pioneers, fast-growing high growth companies, innovative technology creators and investors.

From January 11 to 14, 2021, the 39th Morgan medical conference was held in San Francisco. More than 100 representative enterprises in the global medical industry spoke online to show the company's new achievements and discuss development strategies. As the "six schools" of the medical device industry, multinational instrument giants play an important role in the world. They have their own skills on how to build a "bright top" for enterprise development.


Alan Hippe, CFO of Roche, summarized the company's rapid response to the current world epidemic.

The LightCycler 480 for new crown detection completed its output and promotion in one month. Its product development approval time also set a new speed. For example, serology solutions2 takes 42 days to market and PCR solutions2 takes 35 days to market. In the past, it took an average of 3-5 years.

In 2021, Roche's diagnostic business will be constantly updated and expanded with more business contents: 70% rely on market decision-making to expand other interdisciplinary solutions. Better patient services can be achieved through earlier screening and testing, accompanying diagnosis, guiding accurate treatment plans, and out of hospital monitoring and management.


In 2020, proclinical ranked medical device companies by revenue in 2019, and semefi ranked third with an annual revenue of US $25.5 billion.

Marc Casper, President and CEO of Thermo Fisher technology, said that in 2020, Thermo Fisher met the market demand with two PCR products and its newly developed new crown detection system, with strong performance, and only the new crown revenue exceeded US $6 billion.

In the new year, maintaining growth as the primary goal and three strategies to achieve the main goal of sustained growth.

Develop new gene therapy systems around life science and technology products. It involves stem cell research, antibody, cell culture and transfection, flow cytometry and so on. At the same time, create a unique customer value proposition to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies accelerate innovation and improve productivity and efficient investment strategies to achieve the main goal of sustainable growth.


The income of life sciences is US $11 billion, accounting for half of the total income. Danaher CEO Rainer Blair said that Danaher's revenue increased by nearly 39% in the fourth quarter, and core revenue including cytiva increased by 15%. In 2020, the total revenue of Danaher was about 22 billion US dollars, and the revenue of life science department was about 10.6 billion US dollars.

Rainer Blair said that Danaher focused on Cepheid in the field of molecular diagnosis, which brought about $2 billion in revenue in 2020.

Danaher said to continue to expand production capacity and improve the sales of biological processing businesses cytiva and Pall.

In addition, Danaher expects us $1.3 billion in vaccine and treatment market opportunities in 2021. In addition to covid-19, Danaher's basic business is recovering.


Frank laukien, President and CEO of Brooke company, said that the revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 is expected to be between $620 million and $625 million. Brooke expects the year-on-year growth of revenue and earnings per share in 2021 to be "quite strong", and the growth of organic revenue will reach "high single digits".

Frank laukien emphasized that proteomics, space and single cell biology are "breakthrough opportunities".

The reason is that timstof mass spectrometry and capture ion mobility spectroscopy (TIMS) have promoted the development of proteomics.

So far, 250 timstof instruments have been deployed, which is intended to be popularized in the field of plasma proteomics.

Brooke is involved in the field of molecular sars-cov-2 detection, and has generated about $30 million in revenue by 2020. Brooke predicts that virus detection and sars-cov-2 detection will achieve double-digit growth in 2021. And launched a quadruple PCR team, including the detection of sars-cov-2, influenza A and B and RSV.

Brooke has developed an automatic antigen detection method for the virus and a lateral flow detection method for rapid antigen detection of sars-cov-2. Both methods are planned to be sold in Europe.


Mike McMullen, President and CEO of Agilent, said that the company will focus on three growth channels as part of the "build and buy" strategy. Transformation of analytical laboratories, increasing market share of its core cancer diagnosis and genomics business, and expansion in high growth markets.

Mike McMullen stressed that Agilent's biopharmaceutical business has grown rapidly, has received $600 million, and will achieve double-digit growth in the future.


Tempus one is an artificial intelligence driving device produced by Tempus company for querying patients' molecular test results, clinical trial selection and treatment result information. It has the shape characteristics of cube and the characteristics of portable and voice support.

Tempus, an accurate diagnosis company, said that it helps doctors make diagnosis decisions through machine learning, NGS and AI assisted image recognition.

Eric lefkofsky, its founder and CEO, said that the device database contains not only the patient's molecular test results, but also information from other pathological and imaging tests and treatment results, as well as structured and unstructured data stored in their electronic health records. Tempu uses AI to improve the ability of doctors to obtain laboratory test results, which is applied to the field of artificial intelligence treatment or artificial intelligence clinical support.

In Eric lefkofsky's final vision, this device can query, diagnose, accompany and guide patients at every stage of nursing decision-making.

Today, Tempus is valued at $5 billion.

The medical and health industry has become a global hot spot, and the resulting "health care era" is known as the "fifth wave of wealth" in the world after the IT industry. Medical enterprises have ushered in an era full of opportunities and challenges.

Mike McMullen believes that Agilent will focus on the private sector in the cell analysis market, which also avoids public bidding with larger participants in the field to some extent. From the long-term perspective, Agilent expects a growth rate of 5% to 7% in the next three to five years.

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